Move More Adult Classes – Back With A Twist!

Wednesday 22 July 2020

Move More Jersey are delighted to be restarting their Move More Referral and Adult Pay-As-You-Go Classes following the outbreak of COVID-19.

We have a number of new options for people to exercise in their own homes, outdoors or back at some of their usual class locations.

For islanders who may be nervous about getting back in the community after shielding themselves in lock-down, our Move More Classes offer supportive, fun, physically distanced way to meet with people and enjoy exercising together – whether in your own home, outside or back in one of our classes. We take our participant and staff health and safety very seriously and all classes will comply with all Government requirements set out to keep Jersey safe.

All our classes are aimed at people who might need some encouragement to be more physically active. The classes are friendly, fun and sociable – made up of small supportive groups where exercises can be adapted to suit various fitness levels, so people can work at their own pace.

Since lockdown, Move More Exercise, Mobility, Core and Stretch classes have been running via Zoom video calls for existing clients, so people could exercise in their own homes. These classes proved popular and so we are adding these to our weekly programme along with some outdoor class locations, at Coronation Park, Millennium Park and the Hockey Club at Les Quennevais.

The new pay-as-you-go classes outdoor classes include Move More Low Impact Aerobics, Move More Nordic Walking Techniques Workout, Move More Walking Exercise Class and Move More Core & Stretch.

Cirsty de Gruchy, Head of Move More Jersey said, “we’re delighted to be back offering a new range of Move More Jersey classes and are looking forward to getting more people moving again. The lockdown period has been very challenging for everyone and we are aware that for many people, especially those who have been shielding, have not been able to exercise and may have lost confidence, fitness and become deconditioned. Our pay-as-you-go classes are aimed at people who may need some support to take up exercise and continue to exercise.”

The usual range of Move More Classes which take place at Springfield, Trinity Youth Centre, Communicare, Le Quennevais and the Salvation Army have started again and a new Move More Dance Class has been added to the timetable, at Communicare, St Brelade.

Along with the Move More Classes, Move More Referral is also now back up and running. This 12-week programme is aimed at anyone over 16 years old who would like to be more physically active and has a long-term health condition or is at risk of developing one. Referrals can be made through a GP or health professional, however people who may wish self-refer can have an informal discussion first by getting in touch with Move More Jersey.

Cirsty added, “our Move More Referral programme is an exercise course based around behavioural change. We’re keen to hear from any health professionals in the island who wish to be added as a referrer to our Move More Referral scheme – please get in touch with us at:

For anyone wanting to get a bit fitter, but doesn’t know where to start – take a look at our pay-as-you-go Move More Classes now on offer:

Move More Classes

For further information about Move More Referral, please visit:

Move More Referral

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