Our Toddler Play team are currently taking a break after a busy summer! We’ll let you when our indoor Toddler Play is starting – so watch this space…

Our free indoor Toddler Play sessions, suitable for crawling babies to those aged 5 years old and their siblings with parents or carers, are designed to provide fun, active play opportunities for families, encouraging the benefits of moving more through play.

Our team of experienced Move More Playworkers will deliver soft play and indoor activities which are engaging, fun and create a positive learning environment for all participants. Our Move More Playworkers will be on hand during each session to lead and demonstrate the children’s activities, whilst also engaging in discussions with parents over future play provision and the importance of active play at a developmental age.

Have you been to our Toddler Play sessions this Summer? We’re asking for your feedback so we can continue to improve our programme:


The Government of Jersey, in collaboration with the Best Start Partnership organisation, recently launched a free app for families with children under the age of five, as part of the COVID-19 recovery plans. 50 Things is a place-based, universal offer to support families. 50 Things provides a framework of activities which are intended to produce outcomes across a broad range of measures:

  • Change in the behaviours of families and young children, leading to improved infant health better mental wellbeing, lower obesity, and better coronary and respiratory fitness
  • Building the firm foundations to make sense of and manage new experiences, like starting nursery or school
  • Improved parental confidence in engaging in playful family learning activities with their child
  • Improved early language and communication skills
  • Improved engagement in outdoor play and learning, improving fine and gross motor skills

Other benefits from the app include tabs for resources, developing age-appropriate vocabulary, current child development research and top tips for the 50 activities. The app also highlights the importance of outdoor learning for young children and promotes the unique opportunities of growing up and living in Jersey. The aim of the app is to build parental confidence in understanding that what you do with your children can make the biggest difference in their early development.