Move More Jersey encourage islanders to get on their bike during Alternative Transport Week, from 16 – 20 May 2022

Thursday 12 May 2022

Move More Jersey are supporting Alternative Transport Week, taking place from 16-20 May 2022, with a variety of cycle rides to encourage islanders to get out of their car and get on their bike!

Alternative Transport Week, which has been organised by Gordon Porter and Kate Huntington, is an island-wide initiative to encourage islanders to stop using their car for a week (or ideally longer) and use alternative forms of transport – either by walking, cycling or taking the bus.

During the week, 109 easy-going social cycle rides created by Move More Jersey and Guided Ride Leader Gordon Porter will be on offer, which will start from each parish across the island cycling into town and from town riding out to the different parishes. The rides are all free and anyone wishing to take part and join one of the social rides should visit the Let’s Ride website and register their place before turning up – see the link below.

Cirsty de Gruchy, Head of Move More Jersey said,“Gordon approached us a number of months ago with the idea of the Alternative Transport Week and we are delighted to be supporting it. The idea behind our social cycle rides is to give people who have never commuted on two or three wheels before, the confidence, understanding, best routes and general safety tips on how to commute by bike. We hope islanders will enjoy it so much they will continue to cycle rather than drive, or at least, cycle more regularly.”

Besides the creation of the 109 free social rides, we also offer cycling on a range of adapted cycles at our Cycle Without Limits inclusive cycling centre at Les Quennevais, and Move More Jersey have also recently launched their new Sofa2Saddle cycle rides for women, starting from 17 May.

Sofa2Saddle is an eight-week cycling programme for ladies of all ages and abilities, designed to help build confidence riding a manual or e-bike and to improve general fitness. Our ride leaders will support the cyclists to gradually build up their distance in the saddle over time, with a view to encouraging riders to complete the Jersey Hospice Care cycling challenge of 25K or 50K after the course.

To find out more and book your free place on one of our social cycle rides, please visit:

For more information about cycling in Jersey and our new Sofa2Saddle rides, please visit:


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