Move More

New to Move More Referral? Read on for more information and how to join the programme…

Move More Referral is aimed at people who:

  • are aged over 16 years old
  • would like to be more physically active
  • have a long-term health condition, or are at risk of developing one

I’m delighted with the start and the boost the programme gave me to literally get moving again and thank you all for your help and support.” Move More Referral client.

Health Professionals

We encourage referrals from healthcare professionals including GPs, Nurses, Allied Healthcare Professionals and Mental Health Workers, who can refer people directly via our portal below if they are registered:


What is the Move More Referral Programme?

The Move More Referral programme is a 12-week behavioural change programme aimed at supporting people who are currently inactive, have a medical condition, or are in poor health and need support to include physical activity into their everyday life.

Our team of friendly Move More Referral Instructors are highly qualified and experienced exercise professionals who have been trained in Behaviour Change, Motivational Interviewing, and Exercise on Referral. This means they are well placed to recommend and prescribe safe and effective exercise for a variety of medical conditions to get you moving more.

If you feel you would benefit from Move More Referral, but are not seeing a health professional, you can contact us below to ask for some advice about referring yourself:



What happens on the Move More Referral Programme?

You’ll meet one of the team at a local community venue to discuss how you can take your first steps towards a more active lifestyle. During this consultation, the Move More Instructor will work with you to create action plans with realistic and achievable goals -addressing personal barriers, confidence levels and developing a personal plan to get your levels of activity to where you would like them to be.

Over a period of twelve weeks, you will receive support from the Move More team to develop and undertake your personal Move More Plan, which will consist of attending a mixture of low impact exercise classes, walks and cycle rides, depending on your preferences. The Move More team will also help you to build physical activity into your everyday life to improve your health and wellbeing.

Take a look at the current timetable for our Move More Classes below:


The Move More journey…


At this appointment you will have the opportunity to discuss the steps you can take to start getting active with your Move More Instructor. Together you will look at what you want to achieve, how to get there and how we can support you.

This will include agreeing your personal Move More plan to guide you. The instructor will also help to find the right activities to suit your needs.


After 6 weeks, your Move More Instructor will give you a call to see how you are getting on with your plan. You will discuss progress so far and how you are feeling.

This is an opportunity to talk about any concerns you may have and agree on your plan for the next 6 weeks.


After twelve weeks, you will have a review appointment with your Move More Instructor. This will be a chance to look at your progress so far and see how you’re getting on. At this appointment, you can discuss how you are feeling, identify any health improvements and develop your plan for the coming months.


Hopefully you are sticking to your plan and are feeling the benefits of being more active. A Move More Instructor will contact you to see how you are getting on.

Further support may be offered to help motivate you.


Congratulations on reaching twelve months! You have done fantastically well. A Move More Instructor will contact you to explore some tips to maintain your healthy behaviours.

Why not ask your Move More Instructor on how you can support others to become more active?

You could join us and become a volunteer Move More Buddy.

What does Move More Referral cost?

Commencing from the 1 January 2023:

Income Support: Free (evidence of receipt of this will be required)
Adults and Seniors: £25 for 12 weeks

The above cost includes an initial 1:1 consultation and 12 week consultation, plus 12-week Move More Referral Classes (there will be two classes per week).