Move More Jersey

Move More Jersey is an initiative by Jersey Sport to get more islanders, more active, more often. Its aim is to promote the importance of physical activity and the role it plays in our mental and physical health.

In Jersey, 49% of adults and 81% of children and young people do not meet the World Health Organisation’s guidelines for physical activity. This means these adults and children are not active enough to have a positive impact on their health and well-being.

For many islanders there are barriers to being active. Through our carefully designed Move More programmes and classes, we hope to help break down these barriers and support the least active islanders by giving them the confidence to gradually move more in a way that fits in with their everyday lives. is here to help you get started, because we understand that sometimes it can be a daunting and intimidating thought process to move more. Take a look through our website and you’ll find lots of top tips and advice to help you on your journey to moving more.