Move More

We’ve pulled together a few ideas to help your children work on all aspects of their physical wellbeing. Even if they don’t like sport, or can’t get outside into a big space, there’s plenty of simple, fun activities they can enjoy  – just take a look below!

Please note: always listen to the guidance of the coach in the video, follow any instructions properly and ensure you exercise in a safe space, with appropriate clothing and footwear.

Balance Games

Balance is a fundamental skill which forms the basis of movement in most sports, as well as everyday activities. Once you have a basic level of balance skill you can advance to more complex moves. For example, standing on one leg and kicking a ball with the other. Luckily for us humans, balance is pretty easy to improve and results are usually seen relatively quickly.

Here are some exercise routines that focus on balance exercises for kids and grown ups:

Kids ninja balance workout to improve balance and build strength


3 simple balance exercises for beginners

Our Quick Coaching Tips:

• Focus on a fixed object when balancing
• Try to keep your body tense
• Use your arms to help you balance

Co-ordination Games

Sitting inside all day and rarely taking part in sport or physical activity will lead to a regression in co-ordination. Co-ordination is more than simply ‘hitting or catching a ball’, it also relates to how we control and manoeuvre our body.

We’ve chosen a few videos below that can help to stimulate and improve both body and hand to eye co-ordination. The shape or the size of ball you use doesn’t matter, even a crumpled piece of tin foil will do! Aim to use both sides of the body to see an even greater improvement.

Exercises to improve your child’s co-ordination


Improving your child’s fine motor and gross motor skills

Co-ordination exercises for kids

Our Quick Coaching Tips:

• Keep your eye on the ball
• Make your catching zone as big as you possibly can
• Don’t snatch at the object

Flexibility Games

We’re at the peak of our flexibility powers during childhood, however, just like a car, if we don’t service them regularly, their powers lessen (especially in the case of boys). During sedentary behaviour over a sustained period (as may happen during a COVID-19 lockdown scenario), our muscles are at the greatest risk of injury. Below are some fun and engaging games which are easy to do. Don’t worry about looking silly – you’re looking after your body and setting yourself up for a healthier life.

Jaime’s Brain Breaks – sit and stretch

9-minute exercise for kids – home workout

Stretch and count song for children 

Counting to one hundred and stretching for children

Our Quick Coaching Tips:

• Breathe out as you stretch
• Don’t hold a stretch that hurts
• Release a stretch slowly

P.E with Joe Wicks

Daily workouts from The Body Coach, Joe Wicks


Fun games for all areas of physical well-being

We understand that parents, grandparents and child carers are likely to be busy working from home and may not be able to dedicate specific time to helping their children get active. The activities listed in the video links below are fun based and less focused on development. They can be adapted to suit any age (and yes mums and dads, you can have a go too!).

Do the Bear Walk (balance/co-ordination/self regulation/ brain break)

50 Minute to Win It games for kids

Kids Minute to Win It games

Easy kids Hip Hop dance tutorial, ages 4+

15 funny games to play with pen and paper

27 fun and simple cardboard DIY for kids

Kids exercises for different parts of the body (jumping, stretching, aerobics)