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at Home

There’s a variety of ways you can exercise indoors at home. Being at home may be incredibly lonely, and has the potential to impact on your mental health – keeping active can help to limit this, as well as keeping your body fit.

Whilst a home workout can’t replace a group exercise class, gym session or being outside, there are plenty of ways to remain active in your home.


There’s a wide range of websites you can access and apps you can download, with a huge selection of exercise videos available on YouTube. Don’t forget, if you have some fitness DVDs or a gaming system such as Nintendo Wii or Switch, these are great ways to exercise too.

You don’t need anything but your body weight to exercise, however, if you do want to add variety, you can also create your own exercise routines at home using your stairs, chairs and everyday household items as equipment and weights.

Take a look at our easy to follow seated and standing exercises using at chair at home, below:

Daily household chores such as cleaning and washing your windows could even be incorporated into your daily routine as exercise, not to mention climbing up and down stairs, if you have them.


Take a look at our selection of resources below, for ways you can exercise at home.

Share your experience and keep moving!

We’d love to see the ways you’re finding to exercise at home. Please include the hashtags #MoveMoreJersey and #StayInWorkOut when posting any photos or video clips on social media, to help inspire and encourage other islanders to keep moving at home!

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Please note, guidance from Government of Jersey is regularly changing. For the latest, up to date Government of Jersey advice on Coronavirus, please visit:

Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure you are fit and in good health to participate in any of the activities included on this website. Do not exercise with symptoms. Always listen to the guidance of the coach in the video, follow any instructions properly and ensure you exercise in a safe space with appropriate clothing and footwear. If you are unsure about the suitability of any workouts, or you feel more breathless than normal or unwell, STOP. If you are worried, please seek medical advice.