Jersey Sport Launch Sporteering

Friday 5 June 2020

Jersey Sport launch Sporteering to get walkers, runners and cyclists discovering our beautiful island  

 With summer almost officially here, Jersey Sport have launched Sporteering  a new, exciting and alternative way to discover the island by walkingrunning or cycling around Jersey using GPS navigation app on your smartphone. 

 There is a selection of courses around the island to choose from on the mobile appto appeal to walkers, runners and cyclists of different abilities. People can decide between exercising for fun, taking in the beautiful scenery and discovering new locations – or can take the competitive edge, collecting as many points as they can by completing as many checkpoints as possible, in the shortest time. 

 Cirsty de Gruchy, Head of Move more Jersey said “Sporteering is another fun activity to encourage more islanders to get out and discover the beautiful island in which we live, either on foot or by bicycle. 

 Using existing Sporteering technology, we have launched the mobile app in Jersey with 14 courses specifically designed to showcase our beautiful islandso people enjoy an outdoor adventure. There really is something for everyone – Sporteering can be taken as leisurely, or as competitiveas you like.” 

 Courses range from walks or runs around some of Jersey’s parks, woodlands and coastlines, to cycle rides around parts of the island, including one route taking in each of the 12 parish Millennium Stones. 

 If any local sport club or activity group would like a specific course created to meet their needs, please get in touch with Move More Jersey at:

Anyone taking part in Sporteering is reminded to please check the weather forecast before heading out, take water and to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for any course undertaken. 

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