Move More Jersey offer free Summer Play sessions for toddlers around the island’s parishes!

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Move More Jersey have a launched a 12-week programme of free outdoor Summer Play sessions for walking toddlers to children aged 5 years old, in parks and outdoor spaces in local community settings around each of the island’s twelve parishes.

Taking place in the morning and afternoon, five days a week, the soft play and outdoor activities are designed to be fun and engaging, to create a positive learning environment for all participants. Walking toddlers may attend with their young siblings, with their parents or carers, and our team of experienced Move More Playworkers will be on hand to encourage the benefits of moving more through play.

The Minister with responsibility for Sport, Deputy Hugh Raymond, said: “Government’s objective is to increase Jersey’s physical activity by 10% by 2030 and, with four out of five children not meeting WHO guidelines, we have some way to go. This initiative is an excellent way of introducing physical activity to Islanders at a very young age, and if it is a start which leads them to lifelong physical activity then it will be a significant contributor to the creation of a healthier island.”

James Tilley, Head of Sport and Children said, “We know that, in Jersey, 81% of children and young people do not meet the World Health Organisation’s recommended guidelines for physical activity. We’ve had a fantastic response to our free Summer Play sessions over the first couple of weeks, with children, their siblings, parents and carers all enjoying the fun outdoors in various locations.

Active play is such an important part of a child’s development, so we are delighted to offer this play provision free of charge in community settings across each of the twelve parishes, to help reduce barriers for islanders to attend.

Move More Jersey will continue to offer the free morning and afternoon play dates, Monday to Friday each week, until 10 September 2021. All Summer Play sessions strictly adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.

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