Move More Jersey extend their interventional programmes with grant from the Jersey Community Foundation

Thursday 28 January 2021

Thanks to a generous grant awarded by the Jersey Community Foundation, using funds from Dormant Bank Accounts, Move More Jersey will be able to extend the scope of their existing Move More programmes during 2021. The grant will enable Move More Jersey to deliver programmes, free of charge, to specifically targeted islanders whose lives have been severely impacted by COVID-19, or through the consequences of COVID-19 restrictions.

A new interventional programme being developed by Move More Jersey will help islanders who are struggling with their mental and physical health. Working with key stakeholders like Mind Jersey, the scheme will identify islanders who have been most affected by the pandemic through isolation, ill health (both mental and physical), and those who have been shielding and have become deconditioned. The interventional programme will also aim to help those at greater risk of developing long term health conditions, should they develop COVID-19.

The grant allows Move More Jersey to create small group interventions for islanders whose mental or physical health prevents them from currently accessing Move More Jersey services. An example of which is the Zoom Classes Move More Jersey have recently been running as a trial for residents in Les Houmets Care home.

Cirsty de Gruchy, Head of Move More Jersey said, “We are so grateful for the financial support received from the Jersey Community Foundation using funds from Dormant Bank Accounts. The grant enables Move More Jersey to continue to develop the many programmes we offer to help islanders, which make a real difference to their lives and the health of the island. We plan to work with more health and social care professionals, and charities, to identify and engage participants in activity programmes which are co-designed to create the best possible outcomes for each individual.”

Demand at the Cycle Without Limits inclusive cycle centre, which opened at Les Quennevais last October, is already exceeding the organisation’s capacity to deliver. The financial help from the Jersey Community Foundation, using funds from Dormant Bank Accounts, has meant that Move More Jersey are now able to increase the number of adapted cycling sessions they offer, with support from volunteers. The additional funding will enable cycling sessions to be established for groups of people living in care homes, who are elderly, disabled, or who have been isolating.

With the financial assistance from the Jersey Community Foundation, using funds from Dormant Bank Accounts, Move More Jersey will be establishing a new learn to run programme, which it is hoped, will launch this spring. The grant received will help to train 21 volunteers to deliver the new programme. ‘Move More Run Together’ will complement the existing Move More Health Walks and cycling programmes the organisation already offers to a wide section of the island’s population.

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