Adapted Cycle Project – Move More Without Limits

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Move More Jersey seek adapted bike donations for their new cycling centre, enabling more islanders to cycle without limits

Jersey is a beautiful island with a growing cycling community.

The cycling community enjoy leisurely rides through Jersey’s idyllic countryside, commute along cycle paths and networks, take part in events and meet like-minded cycle buddies through one of the many cycling clubs.

One of Jersey Sport’s goals is to make the island a healthier, more productive and fairer society. It aims to ensure those affected by a disability or frailty can access the right equipment and support.

Jersey Sport believes all islanders should have the opportunity to enjoy our island and the benefits of cycling, but currently there is no inclusive cycling provision in the island.

Thanks to charitable funding from local supporters including Ocorian, Enable Jersey and some private individuals, Move More Jersey (an initiative by Jersey Sport) are moving forward with setting up an adapted cycling centre to create a sustainable, inclusive cycling offering for islanders.

Cirsty de Gruchy, Head of Move More Jersey, explained:

“We have been fortunate to secure significant funding for this project, which will enable us to purchase a range of suitable adapted bikes. However, we are also aware there could be a significant number of privately owned adapted trikes and bikes in the island, many of which may have previously been purchased by local charities and are currently under utilised. Adapted bikes are usually very cumbersome, take considerable time to set up and take up a huge amount of storage space, meaning they often aren’t used to their full potential. With the creation of our new adapted cycling centre, we’re reaching out to islanders who may be in possession of an adapted bike, which they may be willing to donate to the project. This will enable more islanders to be able to experience the joys of cycling.”

Should anyone wish to donate their adapted bike to the project, the bikes would be stored within the new centre at Les Quennevais cycle track and maintained by the project. The donator would have access to all the adapted bikes within the centre whenever they wish. At other times, the adapted bikes would be available for use by everyone, allowing the centre to provide a wider range of bikes to islanders with disabilities.

Move More Jersey would like to secure the following types of adapted bikes, (for all ages) for their new cycle centre:

  • Tricycles of any shape or size e.g. Quest, Mission, TomKat, Theraplay
  • Handcycles
  • Recumbent tricycles or handcycles
  • Quad bikes
  • Company or 2-seater cycles
  • Wheelchair transporter
  • Tandem

If you own an adapted bike which you think may be suitable for donation, or if you are interested in being involved with the centre, Move More Jersey would love to hear from you!

If you would like to discuss the initiative, or have an adaptive bike you would like to donate to the new centre, please contact Cirsty de Gruchy, Head of Move Move More Jersey, on 01534 757708 or at:

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