“Pushing myself out of my comfort zone with intense boxing training and then getting in the ring in front of 750 people has done so much for my confidence and overall physical and mental health.”

Bianca Saville’s smile says it all. Taking part in the White Collar Boxing programme truly changed her life!

Listening to Bianca share her story, it’s easy to see how proud she is for setting a goal, committing to the training and stepping outside of her comfort zone. Her face lights up as she talks about 06:00 training sessions, learning sparring and boxing techniques and feeling the fittest she’s ever done in her life. “My fitness was through the roof!”

It’s thanks to the inspiring team of coaches and trainers at Boxin Business that Bianca was able to stick to the 10-week training programme and get in the ring to win her fight. “The support from the team was amazing; they’re so welcoming, supportive and knowledgeable. I met so many new people through the training and we built up some great new friendships and connections, all encouraging each other along the way.”

The training programme not only helped Bianca to feel confident and fit, but it also helped her lose over 6kg. “Over Covid I’d worked with a nutrition coach, as well as taking online classes. The coach helped me to lose weight, so when I did the 10-week boxing course I was able to take that knowledge, continue with healthy eating and get into great shape. Losing the extra weight was a natural side effect of the additional intense exercise I was doing each week.”

Training with Boxin Business over the 10-week course involved various group classes plus additional sessions to learn and improve specific boxing techniques. “In the winter, I like a lie-in, so I did 3-4 classes a week after work or at weekends, but in the summer, I love to train early in the morning at 06:00. In addition to classes, I also went on long walks. It’s important to take rest days too to avoid overtraining.”

Before being inspired to take on the White Collar Boxing challenge, Bianca had been training with Boxin Business for a few years, attending their wide variety of boxing-inspired circuit training classes. Bianca realised early on in her adult life that she prefers shorter periods of high intensity exercise to slower paced activities like weight training, yoga or Pilates. “Doing high intensity exercise is so great for your mental health because you can’t think of anything else while you’re working hard!”

As a child, Bianca enjoyed playing netball at primary school, and took part in all the regular sports and PE activities her secondary school offered. As an adult, she tried personal training sessions in a regular gym setting but soon discovered Boxin Business classes and was hooked!

This highlights the importance of finding the sport or activity that most suits your personality and your body. If you enjoy an activity, you’re far more likely to stick to it and progress to higher levels of fitness or performance.

The first White Collar Boxing Jersey event was held in Jersey in 2009 and helped raise over £22,000 for local charities. The event has gone from strength to strength and attracts women and men of all ages and abilities to take part in the training camp, led by coach Ben Murray, an experienced boxer and personal trainer, alongside a team of brilliant coaches and trainers. In their own words, the course will “push you to your limits and get you in the best shape of your life.”

If you’d love to give boxing classes a try, or even sign up to the next White Collar Boxing training programme, Bianca has some words of encouragement: “Just do it! Step out of your comfort zone and get involved. It’s so good and you will feel amazing!”

If you’re inspired by Bianca’s story and would love to try a new sport or physical activity, we’ve put some handy links below.

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