Frankie de la Haye rode out of her comfort zone and into the Move More Learn to Ride cycling programme before the pandemic and now enjoys regular rides around the island.

With a brand-new e-bike and a healthy dose of fear, Frankie signed up for the Move More Learn to Ride course in 2020 and promptly crashed on her first lesson! Not one to be deterred, she got back in the saddle and completed the course, boosting her confidence, enjoyment and riding ability.

“The Learn to Ride course had about 8 participants, which is just the right size for a friendly, sociable atmosphere and plenty of personalised attention. The volunteers are brilliant too – so patient, friendly and kind.”

Frankie suffers with recurring bouts of labyrinthitis, an infection that lies dormant in her body and flares up from time to time. Labyrithitis is an inflammation of part of the inner ear that causes feelings of spinning and vertigo, which isn’t great if you’re balanced on two wheels!

After the Move More Learn to Ride Programme, Frankie was encouraged to join the daily Move More Cycle Rides which offers different levels to suit new or intermediate riders. Frankie enjoys the ‘Steady’ rides most as she feels comfortable with the pace and doesn’t want to hold back the faster ladies on the ‘Challenging’ rides. “I love the Steady rides. It’s a great sociable atmosphere where I can enjoy the scenery and the chats.”

When she isn’t riding with the Move More Cycle Rides groups, Frankie loves to cycle around Pontac, Corbière and many other scenic routes across the island. “Jersey is just so beautiful!”

Cycling in a group has boosted her confidence on the roads and while she still hates turning right near a bend due to the long-term effects of chronic labyrinthitis, she doesn’t let this stop her from being active outdoors in nature.

Staying active regularly is an important part of Frankie’s lifestyle. She and her husband, Peter, love to take the bus to places as far away from home as possible – like Greve de Lecq – and then walking the cliffs and lanes back home. This can often be a 7-8 hour walk and includes an obligatory pub lunch. “Although getting up again after sitting down for an hour can be tough!”

As if cycling and full day walks wasn’t enough, Frankie has recently started sea swimming too. While she isn’t a strong swimmer yet, she loves being active and outdoors with other people.

Frankie is a great ambassador for staying fit and healthy as you get older and shares her three top tips for maintaining and improving physical and mental health:

  • Exercise with friends, family or a new group of people for the social benefits.
  • Try something new! You’re never too old to learn a new skill.
  • Keep moving regularly. Do whatever you can and build up to longer walks, rides or swims.

Are you interested in learning to cycle safely and confidently in Jersey?

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