Running Tips
For Beginners

  • Dress correctly and don’t worry about how you look. The important thing is to be comfortable and appropriately dressed for the weather.
    • Layer up so you can remove clothing as you get warmer.
    • Avoid cotton and try to wear moisture wicking materials which take moisture avoid from your body.
    • Use Vaseline on parts of the body which may rub, some areas to consider are especially between thighs, under bra lines and under your arms.
    • Wear bright colours or reflective clothing when running in low light and if you are running in the dark take a torch or headlamp with you.
  • Run at a time of day that suits you and your body. Make it easy for yourself by exercising at a time of day that suits you – everyone is different and sometimes it takes time to work out what is best for you.
  • Wear a good pair of running shoes that suit your feet. Protecting your feet when you start out will help to avoid injury and make running more enjoyable.
  • Carry a charged mobile phone and some cash in case of emergency. It is worth considering downloading what3words which is a really helpful tool used by emergency services.
  • Warm up properly before any run to avoid injury and to get the most out of session. Our group sessions will provide an introduction and advice on this.
  • Choose a safe location to train and ideally a traffic free location. Avoid main roads if you can but if you are on roads, keep to the right and run against the flow of traffic.
  • Avoid wearing headphones when running outside – you will be less aware of traffic or cyclists.
  • Do not run through injury, listen to your body. If you experience acute pain or extreme discomfort, stop running and rest.
  • Respect others – be mindful of cyclists, pedestrians and other runners.
  • Work out what might sabotage your running journey and plan to avoid it! Try to schedule your runs in your diary so you commit to them.
  • Find a training buddy of a similar fitness level, this also makes it social and more fun!
  • You never regret a run! Sometimes it’s hard to get out the door and you may not be feeling it on the run, but this is when you get the greatest satisfaction! Even if you walk, more than you run – it’s time on your feet – that’s the important thing! You did it. Mentally you are the winner.
  • Give yourself some credit! We all have ‘bumps in the road’ when we start out and you probably will miss some sessions but be kind to yourself! Look at what you have achieved and keep focused on your long-term goal.
  • Stay within your capabilities and make only small, gradual changes. If you need to repeat a week, that’s ok.